Before we get started today and give you the awesome episode. We need to ask everyone visiting the website to stop, and open a new tab to Podcast Phil. OK Click here and we will do it for you. podcast_phil Podcast Phil is a philanthropy project being under taken for a friend... > Read More
Everyone wanted us to wait an entire month between episodes of the Podcast. We figured abscence makes the heart grow fonder. Or you forget about who we are, and stop downloading episodes, and then we end up talking to ourselves. To be fair it has been a bit of a busy month since we last spoke. But here is an... > Read More

Season Two of the Salt City Throwdown podcast is here!

It's post election 2014. The Salt City Throwdown is back. Picking up right where we left off. No guest this week, but we pick up talking about all sorts of issues that happened during the break. In this episode we talk about Smitty's work on the campaign prompting the Hiatus, and catching... > Read More
Talking about shooting yourself in the foot... This week after a couple of weeks hiatus, we sit down with J.C. Carter from the Hold 322 and Left Show podcasts. We talk about Comic Con, how big the Salt Lake City Comic Con has become, and the benefits of how big it is to the Utah and the Geek community. > Read More
my tat
Warning: This Episode is a bit more liberal with the Strong Language Than previous episodes have been.   They tell us that 40 is the new 50, so this episode we bring in Kerry Jackson which is a pretty big deal. Kerry is a seminal figure in the Salt Lake Media. Never been shy to embrace... > Read More
Episode 39 of the Salt City Throwdown is here! Continuing to bring our listeners the best to offer in rare, long form interviews of those who are running for office we bring you another episode of "Better Know a Candidate" where you can listen in on a conversation about the campaigns that are occurring in this cycle. We thought... > Read More
Annie (L) and Mark (R) Shurtleff with their #justice sign - via @annieriot on twitter
Welcome to Episode 38 of the Salt City Throwdown Podcast. In this episode, we début our new Theme Song... Let us know what you think. Also, we have fixed our issues with the Microphone. So the sound quality is greatly enhanced than it was on the previous episode. In the first episode of the week. We breakdown the recent polling... > Read More
Sim Gill is a pretty popular guy. He has been in the media a lot lately. From investigating issues in the West Valley City Police Department, to investigating two of our Former Attorneys General on some serious campaign finance, and public trust issues.  But there is more to Sim Gill than what you see in the media. He... > Read More
Welcome to Episode 36 of the Salt City Throwdown Podcast. We are getting closer to our Birthday Episode in September which will mark one year since we started paddling this pirate canoe. We had some pressing tasks this week, so because we are late we have a special two-fer. (Your iTunes feed will just download both Episodes) This week we welcome special... > Read More
Kate Kelly - Founder of Ordain Women
It was a busy week. Everything was going along swimmingly until The 10th Circuit Court of appeals dropped the mic and re-affrmed what we and almost everyone else knows. Gay Marriage is the right thing to do, it is fair, and there is no basis to ban it. That would have been cool, but they dropped it in the middle... > Read More