The "Podfather" Ethan Millard from KSL Radio's "The Nighside Project" joins the throwdown as our first recurring* guest. We sit down and discuss local governments who aren't helping the poor by ruining poor neighborhoods, and unlimited campaign donations, and the impact they will have on high profile races in Utah. We also get a behind the scenes... > Read More
Fresh off the Democratic and Republican conventions in Salt Lake County we decided to bring on a Libertarian  (Because they seem to answer emails and phone calls). We talk to Andrew about his platform, his background as a civil rights defense lawyer for the most unlikely clients (but believable when you hear who they are). It... > Read More
This week we talk to film maker Paul Gibbs about his new Documentary "Entitled to Life". A documentary that highlights the need for Utah to work towards full medicaid expansion. Paul talks about his experience(s), why this issue is important, and what the term "Medicaid Expansion" actually means to the citizens of Utah. Too many people think that Medicaid is about... > Read More
April Fools! Last week we talked to Jennifer Johnson about her campaign for UT-04, going up against Mia Love. Jennifer is currently a member of the Utah State Board of Education for District 8. Then on Monday she announced she was out. Howevber, the episode was so good, and we had so much fun, we though you should all hear... > Read More
John Swallow, Suzanne Seader, Matthew B. Durrant
Last week, The Salt Lake City Weekly released their "Best of Utah" awards. And suprise! John Swallow was not the worst! This week we talk about the new Salt Lake County Health center paid for in part with OBAMACARE! funds. We talk about how to apply the constitution between the 1780's and now. And a whole host of other things. Listen won't you? > Read More
Gavin's Underground at the Salt Lake City Weekly.
This last week we were interviewed by the Salt Lake City Weekly. Gavin's Underground is a local blog that digs down inside of Salt Lake City. They interviewed us about the podcast, how we got started, and what the future holds. It is a pretty decent interview. You can find it Here at the City weekly's website, or... > Read More
We open the show talking about Adam Carolla's lawsuit vs. Internet Patent Trolls. Here is where you can donate if you are able. Then we break into the new topics: An Ex-Mormon Bishop has filed, and lost a lawsuit against the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints based on UK law against knowingly making... > Read More
After a short break from the Throwdown Studios, we're back! Ok, so the break was a visit from some family members. But we're still back! This is the first episode where we introduce our new format - multiple one hour episodes per week, and we time box ourselves into an hour. This week we discuss: Why CNN has some of the worst... > Read More